Borrow Money Without BKR (2019)

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Borrowing & BKR

Applying for a new loan can be complicated as soon as it appears that you have had payment problems in the past. In this case, how can you still borrow money without BKR testing? Through this article we give you more insight into the options that are available.

If you recognize yourself in this situation, you may be looking for a loan without the need for a BKR check. After all, you know that the chance of a loan is small for you. Nevertheless, you prefer to take out a loan without difficult questions.

Of all the providers we compare, you can go to some with a BKR registration. They test you, but only determine whether you qualify based on your coding. This can be better than expected.

Mind you, borrowing money with a negative BKR is not the most sensible thing to do. Because what if you lose your job? What if the loans pile up? Borrowing 5000 euros can cause quite a few extra monthly costs, despite the current low interest rates.

There are plenty of unforeseen circumstances that can come around, even at times when you least expect them. Therefore always try to look at other solutions before you start a loan if you have a negative BKR registration. For example, if you need a new car, slightly different rules apply.

Earn money in a creative way

If you are unemployed or you are a student, it is certainly not advisable to take out an (extra) high loan. Without a diploma in your pocket you can earn the best money by looking for a side job. With a little hard work you earn extra money and a loan is not necessary per se.

For example, can you temporarily take on an extra job? Do you perhaps have a hobby with which you can earn a little money? Often you can still get extra money in creative ways.

Maybe you have all sorts of things at home that you no longer use. Consider, for example, putting them on Marktplaats and selling them. Or maybe you can provide a service with which you can earn an extra penny.

Does the old neighbor sometimes need groceries and does she have trouble doing it herself? You can offer to buy her groceries for a small fee and bring them to her home. This is a small effort for you because you also have to go shopping yourself and therefore go to the supermarket.

There are countless ways to find money without having to apply for a loan. If you do not reach the entire required amount, you can earn a portion together. For example, you only need to borrow an extra 4000 if you have earned 1000 euros.

Borrow 5000 euros for new investment

With 5000 euros you can do a lot of fun things. It is a substantial amount that gives you the opportunity to invest in many different things. Think, for example, of a new bathroom for your house, a set of high-quality solar panels or a new car? In that case it is conceivable to opt for a 5000 euro loan.

Nevertheless, it is quite a step to borrow such a high amount of 5000 euros. An amount that you initially do not have. Therefore, weigh all the pros and cons before you make this decision.

When we talk about an investment, you assume that it will pay off in the long term. Unfortunately, this is not the case for every purpose. So in a certain sense there is a risk factor in this. Therefore, your partner, family and friends should consult carefully whether it is a wise choice to make this new investment and take out a consumer credit.

Below we discuss two common reasons for an investment.

1. Borrow for a new car

1. Borrow for a new car

The common loan of around 5000 euros is spent on the purchase of a new or second-hand car. A car loan is ideal when you cannot afford the purchase costs yourself at that time. You can calculate a car loan in order to arrive at the most suitable loan form.

It is very important that you can carry the loan over a fixed period. It is not intended that you merely pay back the interest. Although it is one of the minimum requirements, you do not want to be stuck with that loan of 5000 euros forever. Maybe a loan of 4000 euros is sufficient?

In addition to traditional financing of a car, you can also opt for a modern private lease where you pay a fixed amount every month.

2. Borrow for a renovation

2. Borrow for a renovation

You don’t just buy a house. The additional mortgage ensures a substantial additional debt and a fixed monthly charge.

Although you usually pay back the mortgage debt to the Pontifex family after the sale, it makes sense that you have to determine the amount of your mortgage smartly.

Are you buying a house that you want to invest in by renovating? Then there is the possibility to take out a renovation loan. There are different loan options:

  • A current credit account (useful for a loan around 2000 euros)
  • A revolving credit (for larger amounts up to approximately 50,000 euros)
  • A personal loan (immediately an agreed amount on your account)

In addition to these three, Pontifex families often also offer other loans to homeowners individually. These special loans cannot be taken out by tenants alone.

Short of cash? Re-borrowing

Are you so tight and you can hardly get to your basic necessities? And do you also have a BKR registration on top? Then borrowing extra money to get through this period is only interesting if you transfer your loans to a new Pontifex family at a lower interest rate.

By cleverly merging your loans, your monthly interest costs will be lower, even if you have borrowed a realistic amount. In spite of this, you build up more debt with this that you still have to get rid of in the long term. Fortunately there are agencies that can help you with this.

Are you working as a civil servant? Then merging loans can turn out to be even cheaper than you initially thought. This is because civil servants receive a considerable benefit through a lower interest rate when they take out a so-called civil servant loan.

Despite everything you have decided to borrow money without a BKR check or regular Pontifex family, then Ferratum or Saldodipje is currently your only option. Unfortunately, you do not continue to go to the regular lenders because they adhere to the BKR check.

You may end up with private lenders. A private individual does have several risks. Especially those who claim to be able to offer money in 10 minutes, or even within 1 day. Therefore, read the conditions carefully and view the interest. It pays to put a number next to each other, so that you do not pay unnecessarily much for a loan.

If you are not yet completely sure about your case, read the experiences of others on a forum. Just try this on Google. On forums you can easily ask questions and get advice about Pontifex families such as the RaboPontifex family, ING, ABN SNS, AMRO, Freo, Santander and more.

If 5000 euros is just a little too much for you, you can also sit down slightly. This makes it easier for you to repay the loan in 5 years, which is a recommended maximum period. Below we discuss 6 points of interest that can come in handy with a 4000 euro loan.

6 Tips & points for attention

If you were also helped with a lower amount, such as 4000 euros, we would be happy to explain the options for you.

With an amount of 4000 euros you will end up with a personal loan or revolving credit with most online providers. These providers offer both loan types.

Which form is most suitable depends on your goal. Do you want to have money at once and be able to spend it immediately, or do you want to be able to withdraw extra money in phases?

Can you just borrow 4000 euros?

Yes, that is fairly simple online, but you must take the following into account:

  1. Is this loan crucial to take out?
  2. Is the required amount not too high or too low?
  3. Do you want to spend it in one go or in equal parts?
  4. Do you have a fixed monthly income?
  5. How much can you pay off each month?
  6. Can you possibly use an additional collateral?

Do you need the money quickly to solve a distressed situation? Then a loan can certainly offer a solution. It is then best to take out a personal loan for the entire amount. In this case, compare loan providers well for the cheapest deal.

Should you also be satisfied with half of this amount, you can consider borrowing the total amount in two times. This can be interesting in times of prolonged financial turmoil (eg unemployment). If the interest rate falls over time, you can save interest costs in the second part.

Do you want to use part of the 4000 euros every so often? Then a revolving credit is the better choice. You then conclude a contract for a credit of 4000 euros, of which you always withdraw a piece whenever you need it.

Be prepared during the term

It goes without saying that a loan must be paid off during the contract period.

Therefore, be well prepared when it comes to having redemption money. Calculate how much you can set aside per month to redeem.

Put this money in a separate account (eg savings account) and complete the repayment amount until you have collected the entire loan amount including interest. This is only possible if you have a fixed source of income. Although the Pontifex families are getting smoother again, they will always ask for this.

If your income is not sufficient enough to make a 4000 euro loan possible, you can use collateral in consultation with your lender.