Month: November 2019

Own contribution and mortgage

Currently, housing prices, especially in the largest cities in Poland, are rising like crazy. Increases of several percent per year are no longer surprising, and are even expected by people planning to buy an apartment in the near future. More and more young people are choosing to buy an apartment. Most of them want to […]

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When the transfer? What hours are the banks booking transfers

Very often, waiting for the transfer, we enter our bank account, persistently checking whether it has finally arrived on our account. We log into online banking several times a day, getting nervous and looking for the expected money. for more. The situation gets even more complicated if other deadlines chase us and we need […]

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Social loans – do they offer favorable conditions?

Social loans are most often considered from the point of view of investors who would like to set their cash in motion and make money on it, for example by granting loans. Establishing a loan company from a legal perspective is not difficult or subject to many requirements, but for a novice and small investor […]

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